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Hello, Again.

Hello, I’m back, as you can see, I’m just another WordPress site. I was going to wait to ‘design’ and or ‘art direct’ my look, but why wait. Every new home needs cleaned up and organized, so sit tight and excuse the dust, mess, and clutter. It’s been so long since I’ve even messed with WordPress that I have little clue what I am doing. I do love it’s scrappiness though, it’s a survivor as far as tools are concerned.

That said, I don’t even know what this will be yet, it’s uncertain, but I can tell you that it’s not going to be a news aggregator, more art than news, for sure. I don’t have any knowledge of adverts, I’m not selling anything, there’s nothing fancy here. I like books, still, and music, and photography even though I tend to post a fuck load of it to Insta, (while it feels like FB is doing something weird with my data). But maybe, I will just let the posts speak for what this is for now. Let it be organic and form, misspellings, horrible grammar and what not.

I’ve been gone for quite a long time, messing around with Tumblr, for years even. If you hadn’t noticed there was a bit of an apocalypse as of late on Tumblr. If you read one article on the death of Tumblr make it Tumblr Is Dead: The Internet Could Be Next. It gives the 411 on what happened and why you should drop kick Tumblr, and make your own scene. Long story short, if you are a homo, you were censored, unfairly. I think Slava Mogutin puts it quite nicely in I Escaped Queer Censorship in Putin’s Russia. Trump’s America Is Just as Bad 

So, here we are, it’s late in the year 2018, and maybe this is a mistake, maybe not. I don’t even know how to set any of this up anymore but I’ll try, and it’s going to be messy for a time, so patience please.

I’ll leave you with a quote from a very serious yet funny book I’m reading, especially if you are just a regular homo who likes to wander around the woods, listen to weird music, meditate and be a goofball.

Strange to be almost fifty, no? I feel like I just understood how to be young.”
“Yes! It’s like the last day in a foreign country. You finally figure out where to get coffee, and drinks, and a good steak. And then you have to leave. And you won’t ever be back.” ― Andrew Sean Greer, Less

Happy Friday.

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